Transport LTL & FTL Transportation Services between Ontario, Western Canada and the Great Lake States

Are you looking to ship Less Than Truckload (LTL) or Full Truckload (FTL) transportation services between Ontario and Western Canada — or between different hubs within Western Canada?

At J&R Hall, we offer superior transportation service for FTL & LTL shipping services between our hubs in Ontario and Western Canada, focusing on the transportation of expedited LTL service of high value products.

Our team is committed to treating you right, offering reliable pick-ups and deliveries, competitive rates, and courteous customer service. Our honesty & integrity are guaranteed by our family name and reputation.

Our Focus on Expedited FTL and LTL Transportation Services

J&R Hall specializes in the transportation of expedited FTL and LTL Services, particularly between Ontario and Western Canada. For example, if you need to get product or commodities from Toronto to Calgary by Friday — that’s where our approach can provide an unmatched level of support.

We provide team drivers for all expedited shipments, reducing the number of required stops en route. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and our ability to quickly transfer product between hubs. Contact us to learn more about expedited truckloads.

Trucking Services for LTL & FTL

J&R Hall has been shipping LTL and FTL product across Canada for over 60 years. Our trucking service includes:

  • Quality drivers dedicated to our customers
  • Trusted customer service from all of our staff
  • Blankets provided for un-cartoned goods
  • Straps provided to secure the load
  • Decking available for unstackable merchandise
  • High quality, late-model equipment to ensure continuous travel
  • Computerized dispatch and tracking system
  • Satellite system in all highway trucks for instant communication
  • CSA, FAST, and C-TPAT approved carrier
  • Ranks in the top 0.5% for carrier safety ratings

Contact us for more information on our LTL & FTL shipping services.

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