5 Considerations for Transporting High Value Items

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5 Considerations for Transporting High-Value Items in Canada

If you’re shipping high-value products across Canada, then it’s normal for protection to be a concern. Here at J&R Hall, we regularly deal with these kinds of shipments, so we understand the risks involved and what is needed for safe transportation.

In this blog, we’re offering some considerations for those shipping high-value products. We hope it will help you figure out the best way to get your products safely to their destination!

1. Consider Extra Insurance Coverage

Most trucking companies provide standard insurance coverage, which will be more than enough for your average shipment. However, if you are transporting high-value products then you should determine whether extra insurance coverage is necessary. What’s the extent of the standard insurance coverage? What is the total value of your shipment? In cases where your items exceed the standard coverage, ask about having a rider added to your policy.

2. Ability to Properly Secure Cargo

Finding a carrier with the ability to properly secure your cargo is an essential considerations for high-value items. Ask your transportation company whether they have the appropriate tools for protecting your products:

  • Ratchet straps
  • Load bars/Decking
  • Dunnage materials
  • Sheets of plywood
  • Blanket wrap (if required)

Although many carriers offer this service, not all of them can provide the service J&R Hall can!

3. Satellite Tracking on the Truck

With all of the technology available today, satellite tracking is becoming fairly common. You want to make sure the dispatch operator has access to the satellite tracking and can provide you with real time updates. Proper satellite tracking will offer information on the speed and direction of the truck, as well as other details—such as whether the ignition is on or off. The team at J&R Hall can provide updates every half hour if necessary.

4. Team Trucks with Two Drivers

The advantage of having a team truck driving high-value products is that the truck basically never stopsexcept to fuel up—or for the drivers to grab a meal. This service offers less opportunities for errors to occur and doubles the level of supervision for your goods. We have many trucks that offer this option.

5. Don’t Let Your Product Get Cross-Docked

With many trucking companies, your product might get touched or moved multiple times in different locations—this is called “cross-docking”. Here at J&R Hall, we rarely move items more than a few times, especially when we’re transporting high-value items. The product will only be moved at the warehouse (as it’s being loaded), and then again at the destination. For something that’s custom-made or custom-built, this approach dramatically reduces the likelihood of damage.

Visit our contact page to get in touch about transporting high-value items with us.

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