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How J&R Hall & Trucks For Change Helps Change Communities

At J&R Hall, we believe in the importance of supporting our communities in whatever way we can. That’s why we are a proud member of Trucks for Change.

Trucks for Change is an organization that provides discounted freight movement for numerous charities across Canada. This helps charities save on shipping costs for food, clothing and other goods.

Providing charities with this service also allows them to focus on their main mission, and takes the worry and time commitment of looking for the right transportation for their needs.

Trucks for Change was established in 2011, and since then has helped to distribute over ten million pounds of goods and saved charities over $150,000 in shipping costs.

Trucks for Change was established because of the growing need for charities to quickly and easily request equipment and shipping from trucking companies. The lack of affordable transportation to get the goods to where they’re needed often resulted in donations ending up in the dump.

To curb this, Trucks for Change collects requests for service from its charity members and organizes them into a logistics technology, where trucking companies and charities can access and view open capacities and charity requests. Trucking companies then make an offer and, once accepted, the shipping gets done.

One of the biggest charities that uses Trucks for Change is Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity provides and builds homes for families and individuals in need of affordable housing. They believe that homeownership is a vital step in breaking out of the cycle of poverty.

One of Trucks for Change’s recent efforts has been in supporting the Canadian Red Cross as they work to help families and the community in Fort McMurray.

Since the wildfires ravaged this community in May, the logistics of transporting emergency supplies to the area has been difficult. Tens of thousands of residents in the area have been driven from their homes, and getting the supplies they need has been a crucial part of the relief efforts. We were proud to transport a Trucks For Change load of relief supplies on their behalf.

We also recently transported three skids of beautiful handmade quilts donated by small-town Ontario mennonite families to the people of Fort Mac who lost everything in the fires.

We’re proud to be part of Trucks for Change in contributing to these and other efforts across Canada!

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