Secure Transportation Considerations for Electronics

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When it comes to shipping electronic goods and equipment, safety and security is our top priority. At J&R Hall, we see these kinds of shipments regularly, so we’re always prepared for the risks involved.

If you have to ship electronics, consider some of these factors before you ship. Knowing up-front how you should approach shipping electronics can help you determine the best way to get your goods to their destination.

Avoid Cross-Docking

Many trucking companies choose to move shipments multiple times in different locations, which is referred to as “cross-docking.” Because this increases the likelihood of damage to your goods, at J&R Hall we will only move your shipment at the warehouse as it’s being loaded and again at the destination. For high-value items like electronics, this is essential.

Consider a Heated Transport

Electronics can be delicate, and their intricate inner wiring and different components can be damaged if they’re too cold. Consider choosing a heated transport for your electronic shipment, which can maintain the trailer’s temperature to keep your electronics safe from damage. This is especially useful in our cold winters!

Have Adequate Insurance

Before you ship anything, it’s important to make sure you have the right insurance coverage in case your shipment gets lost or damaged. And this is especially important when your goods are high-value, like electronics. Most trucking companies will provide standard insurance coverage, but your high-value shipment may require additional coverage. Compare your standard insurance coverage with the value of your shipment to determine whether or not you need a rider added to your policy.

Properly Secure Cargo

When it comes to shipping your electronic goods, nothing is more important than making sure they’re properly secured. It’s essential that your transportation company has the appropriate tools for protecting your products, like ratchet straps, load bars/decking, dunnage materials, sheets of plywood and blanket wrap. J&R Hall offers complete securing services for your cargo!

Team Drivers

At J&R Hall, we have many trucks that offer the option of two drivers and team trucks. Having a team truck to transport your electronic cargo means that the truck basically never stops except for fuel and meal breaks. This allows for fewer opportunities for error, and also means twice the supervision for your goods.

Satellite Tracking

Satellite tracking for your shipment may seem over the top, but with all of the technology available today, satellite tracking is much more common than you think. The dispatch operator will need access to the satellite tracking in order to provide you with real-time updates. In addition, satellite tracking will provide information regarding the speed and direction of your shipment, and other details. At J&R Hall, we can provide you with updates up to every half hour to give you peace of mind.

Do you have questions about your options for shipping electronics across Canada with J&R Hall? Have other transportation questions? Contact us today!

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